Stair Lighting Repairs and Servicing

Since the 1st of July 2016 the responsibility for lighting in Edinburgh’s communal stairwells has been passed from Edinburgh City Council to homeowners.

There is a legal responsibility to ensure that the stairwell is adequately lit to ensure the safe passage of both owners and visitors. Aside from this legal requirement, a well lit stair makes for more of a welcoming environment for residents as well as serving as a deterrent to uninvited visitors.

At Lumen Electrical we have established ourselves as experts in stairwell lighting repairs in Edinburgh.

We have a firm grasp on which replacement parts work best and understand exactly how the control mechanism for these lighting systems operate. We have a clear, good value pricing structure for the maintenance of existing stair lights – A visit from an electrician which includes calibration of the stairwell lighting timer is charged at £40.00 (VAT included) with each light to be serviced charged at £10.00 (VAT Included).

For example, if you have 3 lights to be serviced the cost would be £70.00 (£40 + £10 + £10 + £10 = £70).

Here is a list of the popular services which we offer relating to Stairwell Lighitng in Edinburgh:

● Recalibration of Stairwell Lighting Timer (From £40.00 VAT Inclusive)
● Replacement of Stairwell Lighting Timer (From £220.00 VAT Inclusive)
● Service of existing Stairwell Light (From £10.00 VAT Inclusive)
● Upgrade of Stairwell Light to LED (From £144.00 VAT Inclusive)
● Upgrade and Repairs of Wiring associated with stairwell lights
● Testing and Certification of Stairwell Lighting Systems

Our stairwell lighting service is completely contract free – we have a proven track record in providing a reliable, value for money service for homeowners across Edinburgh. Written no-obligation estimates can be provided in advance of the works taking place for you to share with your neighbours.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote or call us direct on 0131 661 1181.

Lumen Electrical are Fully qualified NICEIC approved Edinburgh electrician located in Edinburgh.

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