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Electrics when buying a new home

Electrics when buying a new home We are often asked for what to look out for when clients are buying a new property. The first place to start is the Consumer Unit – it should be metal and incorporate RCD protection on all circuits to be up to the current standard. The cost to upgrade […]

When to rewire your home

When is Rewiring Necessary? Edinburgh is full of beautiful period homes with stunning original features. One of the less desirable features of many of these older properties is antiquated and dangerous electrical wiring. Generally speaking the cabling in your home is designed to have a service life of around 30 years – any older and […]

How to become an Electrician

I am often asked by young people what the best way to become an electrician is. The method in which you can learn the theory side of the trade as well as getting hands-on experience is by completing a modern apprenticeship. Being an apprentice can be hard work; here is a realistic look at the […]

Electrician Jargon Buster

As a professional electrician it’s sometimes easy to use technical terms or phrases which can leave our customers a little bamboozled! I like to keep communication clear and simple, so here’s a handy guide to some terms you may hear an electrician using but not fully understand: Accessories – This refers to outlets such as […]

Easy Steps to Finding a Great Electrician

There are lots of electricians operating in Edinburgh – but how do you find an electrical contractor who is a cut above the rest? Qualified It’s common knowledge that electrical work can be a dangerous business. The first point to check that your electrician is suitably qualified to plan, complete, test and certify the electrical […]

Stair Lighting Repairs and Servicing

Since the 1st of July 2016 the responsibility for lighting in Edinburgh’s communal stairwells has been passed from Edinburgh City Council to homeowners. There is a legal responsibility to ensure that the stairwell is adequately lit to ensure the safe passage of both owners and visitors. Aside from this legal requirement, a well lit stair […]

Upgrading your Fuseboard

A Fuseboard or Consumer Unit as it is otherwise known can be found in every home in Edinburgh. Upgrading your Fuseboard can seem like an expensive, invasive job however many people are relieved to hear that upgrading to the current standard is usually straightforward. A Consumer unit is the heart of your home electrical system […]