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CodeBase is the UK’s largest Tech incubator. Their focus is on building a culture, community and education that promotes and supports technology innovation.

Lauren’s role as building operations manager is to look after CodeBase’s Edinburgh hub which is home to over 90 innovative and growth focused companies who have collectively raised over half a billion dollars in investment.  With this market positioning comes high expectations of a working environment that is technology savvy and efficient with a focus on sustainability.

Edinburgh CodeBase is located over four and half floors looking across to the striking landmark of Edinburgh Castle.  Facilities vary from hot desking and co-working spaces, through to small and large offices, along with a selection of different style meeting rooms that are set up for hybrid presentation environments. 

It is an old building, with a complicated electrical wiring system. The configuration of the building is also always changing to meet customer demands as their businesses grow or decrease in size.

Prior to Lauren’s time at CodeBase, their electrical projects had been managed through their current IT and AV partner. While they provided a response to issues, electrical services were not part of their core offering, leading to slower response times and a purely reactive approach. Also with different electrical engineers coming each time, it meant time was lost on every visit, as they needed more hand holding to learn their way around the building and understand the complicated electrical framework in order to solve the problem.

Lauren explains “Fast response and clear communication is key when looking for an electrical provider for a commercial property. We can’t afford to wait days for a call back, our brand can potentially be impacted by poor lighting or a power outage. Frustration also came from repeatedly having to explain the building set up,  we really wanted a long-term partner that could give us consistency in their delivery taking the pressure off of us”

In 2021, Lumen was initially brought in to CodeBase to carry out a few small electrical projects, successfully delivering these they were asked to quote and implement the LED lighting transformation, in order to help CodeBase reduce their carbon footprint.

Andrew and Alan from Lumen Electrical worked on creating a lighting design that would maximise the functionality and sustainability opportunities for CodeBase. Providing them with options and outlining recommendations so that the decision process was easy. Getting the go ahead they then efficiently worked alongside codebase’s operations team to implement it while minimising impact to their building users.

“Our LED lighting project is now almost complete, with just one area remaining. Lumen has made the process easy, and far more efficient than it could have been.They always give me different options, explaining the benefits of each, so the decision making is easy.”

“What I love is their consistency, Connor is our main point of contact at Lumen Electrical and he has worked in the CodeBase building for over a year now and so knows it inside out. I can just trust him and their wider team to get on with the job. They are all presentable, polite and tidy up after themselves which means I also don’t need to worry about their interactions with our customers.”

“A lot of their great service is also down to communication; nothing seems to be a bother and while I may talk to them on the phone, or speak to Connor in a corridor I always get an email outlining what has been discussed and if required  a quote for any work attached.  Administration wise it takes a huge pressure off me, as it’s not sitting in my head or on a notepad somewhere! I would definitely recommend them to other businesses in Edinburgh.”

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