Electrics when buying a new home

Electrics when buying a new home

We are often asked for what to look out for when clients are buying a new property. The first place to start is the Consumer Unit – it should be metal and incorporate RCD protection on all circuits to be up to the current standard. The cost to upgrade the Consumer Unit will depend on a number of factors however we can usually quote based on a photograph.

Next, the sockets should ideally be situated at least 300mm from the floor, otherwise this is an indicator that the wiring is older and potentially in need of a refresh. There should also be plenty of sockets in each room, usually 4 twin sockets for each room and a socket in the hallway – keep an eye out for messy extension cables.

Different styles of sockets and switches can be an indication of the electrical system having been chopped and changed, something to be careful of if it hasn’t been carried out correctly. We often find older systems which would still be in a serviceable state if it weren’t for previous owners meddling where they shouldn’t be!

Ultimately there are no issues that can’t be fixed by a competent contractor in your new home. Usually a good idea is to have an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) carried out soon after you move in to highlight any issues and to have them remedied before you can get on with making your new house your new home.

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